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Road Trip-Eastern Kentucky

Lincoln Tavern The Lincoln Tavern is located at Knob Creek.  Right next to a restored cabin that represents Lincoln's Boyhood home.  The tavern is currently closed while the park service gathers enough funds to repair the structure for safe tourism.  Apparently, it has been there for about 100 years and is not so structurally sound.  Traveling outside Lexington Kentucky, you can visit this site as well.  It is not very big, and there is a cabin to examine to see how honest Abe lived as a boy.  According to the National Park Service ( Abraham Lincoln Boyhood Home National Park ) the Lincoln Family lived at Knob Creek for 5 years before moving to Indiana.  The Tavern, explained in the image above, still looks good today. The small Cabin and the Tavern are the only two exhibits I saw at Knob Creek.  We almost missed it driving down the road.  It has a small parking lot, and when we visited, there was a Ranger explaining the Cabin and the status of the Tavern.  I so wa

Grandkids are a blessing

What to do for a three year old? So my grandson turns three this week.  It is imperative for all kids to have cake on their birthday.  At least in my humble opinion it is imperative. Our grandson, like all grandchildren, is the brightest kid that turned three ever.  The cake you see above was really good, and was purchased from a major retail chain.  I have no sponsors, so there will be no mention of the name. The suggestion to get a bounce house for a three year old's birthday party seemed ridiculous to me at first.  I have to admit I was wrong.  This baby provided entertainment for all the kids that lasted for several hours.  We only had one crash during the entire event.  We did have a baby cry for a little while.  Apparently he was not impressed by the flying bodies in the house.  The other great event from the party was the gift opening ceremony.  My grandson never wants to tear the paper off the package.  I don't know where he gets that from.  So he carefu