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Halloween Hootenanny

This years Halloween Party for Sunshine's Club of friends was hosted at the all new and improved Casa de Tronster.  A couple of weeks before the little gathering, we decorated the house and prepared many of the dishes.  Utilizing the Intranet, and multiple goole machines around the house, we were able to come up with some great ideas.

Here you will see the little "tagalongs" peeled with a strategically places piece of celery.  Now this is a simple and effective little treat with the food.  They look like little pumpkins.  If you look at the plate all of these precious little items were placed, you will see we either ran out of tagalongs or celery.  (Honestly I do not know which).  They were a big hit with the kids and adults alike.  I must have had two myself.  Many celery stick was found on or around the table, so I am guessing the kids had some.

The deviled egg plate.  Here is another one of my favorite finger foods at any party.  Tronster enjoys them so much, he norm…

Casa Loma

Sunshine and I recently were able to take a much needed Vacation . lucky for us we have family in toronto Canada. while there we took advantage of a program called City Pass. one of the attractions was Casa Loma . A Castle built before WWI . The owner wanted a place that reminded him of his Scottish Roots Erm in the 1920's the home cost 3.5 million dollars to build. Uafrtemwly, MR. pellet Ran out of money before he Was able to move in and live there for any length of time . The Castle Home is a great family attraction . A Couple of the cool parts include the hall in the basement close to the Cafe. this hall inehdes all the movie posters d. moves that had beer filmed at Casa Loma. There Is a tunnel that goes across the street to the carriage house and garage however it was closed the day we Showed up .

Garden Update

Nanay has been working on hard on the garden.  She has planted several varieties of vegetables.  Every morning she rises, in the sun, rain, overcast what have you, to tend to this little piece of garden.  After the initial configuration, Transfer has had little to do with the garden except to watch it prosper. There will soon be fresh okra, string beans, tomatoes, bell peppers and the one she cannot remember what it is.  Initially it was difficult, to keep the spare change from revenging the small plants.  However, with the power of the garden hose, Nanay has prevailed.

We have also put up a small fence to prevent the urban wildlife from taking from the garden.  We shall see if it is effective.  We expect our first harvest to be mostly beans.  They are currently the only plants that are flowering.
Another experiment from was to plant a Mango Tree.  I did not know mango seeds were fairly large.  I also was unaware of the affection Nickel and Dime had for mange seeds.  They have unburi…

Hot Days

The past couple of weeks have been brutal with the heat. Ten minutes to set up a "pop up canopy" and then I had to take a shower. Don't get me wrong, I prefer the dog days of summer than the stuck in my house snow days. Today it is a little cooler in the early evening and I have fired up the grill. Going to make some burgers and brats for dinner. This is harder to do in the winter.  Here is a picture of a chimney for the charcoal. If you are a fan of cooking with charcoal, I certianly am, then you should invest in one if these contraptions.   No lighter fluid required.

Pinoy Party

Tronster and Sunshine are always on the run. We visit with friends, family, and history every chance we get.  This Saturday is no different. One of Sunshine's friends is celebrating her 65th birthday today.  Our family prepares as soon as we get up.  Lhet begins the day by making the puto and Sunshine goes to the gym for her Saturday morning Zumba. I take care of the dogs and drive to Costco to gas the car. We load the car with Tronster, Sunshine, Nanay and Lhet. We have the puto and we are on our way. We had to make two stops before we arrive. Once to pick up a card for the birthday girl and one to pick up lotto tickets for Nanay. We can tell it is a Pinoy Party just by looking at all of the shoes in the entry. They are all different so you won't loose yours. They Filipino friends are like family. They treat you well and I always feel welcome. Thanks to the host for letting share in the celebration.

Goose update

We all get busy during our daily lives. I like to think sometimes I can stop and smell the roses to enjoy life. The grind can wear a person down. I enjoy mother nature and all she has to offer. I posted before about the geese living at the metro station.  Well, they are growing. They are even starting to look like geese. The momma and papa goose look over the heard (I believe it is called a gaggle) as they munch on the delicious buffet of mother nature. Remember folks, life is what we make it and the moments we can reflect that will give us peace are provided by God and we should not let them pass.

Pinoy food Saturday: Puto

Wife of Tronster, Sunshine, is a great companion throughout life's adventures. Her and her family have introduced him to so many different foods.  I have to admit this is one of my favorites. It is a simple steamed bun, not too sweet and a good little snack. Sunshine has taken the time to train Lhet  (pronounced let) on how to create these little pieces of joy. The cheese on top is something I didn't think I would like,  however, it makes the Puto very tasty. So if you have any Pinoy friends or family,  ask them to make you a batch. Enjoy your Saturday.

Geese on the way to work.

Tronster uses a combination of driving and riding to work. To save a little, we carpool to a metro station and I grab a bus for the last 12 miles.  It really is convenient.  I have the distinct privilage of patiently waiting for the bus everyday of the week.  At the metro station there is a family of geese that has grown right in front of our eyes. This first photo was a few weeks ago.  When the little ones were smaller, there was no getting close. This morning when I arrived at the bus stop, the little ones are not as little anymore. Wildlife has always been a joy to watch. Even the geese hanging at the bus stop.  We have the parents and all the little ones. Enjoy this Friday, for some of us the week is at an end. 

Back Yard Garden

Over the past few holidays, Sunshine and Tronster have recieved several gift cards for the local big box  hardware store.  Our family expansion has gone past the spare change and includes Nanay and sister of Sunshine.
  Nanay enjoys gardening and has been planting all around the yard.  In fear that Tronster may run the plants over with the lawnmower, a mission was conceived. Utilizing the aforementioned gift cards, Sunshine and Tronster headed to the store.  We purchased the materials to make a raised garden.  Tronster considered wood.  However, the bricks were less expensive. We purchased 18 blocks, 80 pounds of poop (manure), 4 bags of top soil, and a bag of peat moss.  This was a workout in and of itself.  Loading 18 blocks, unloading 18 blocks , positioning 18 blocks.  Then I turned the soil, which is actually clay and was very dry that day.  Several hours later and two Tylenol later, it was done, completed and ready to be planted. Keep watching as we update the progress of the p…

Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns

If you are looking for a fun day in Northern Virginia, the Luray Caverns are a good family friendly choice.The caverns are located in Luray VA.If you are coming from DC and there is no traffic, you can make it in about 2 hours.

Tronster was enjoying a weekend away from home in Shenandoah Crossing vacation resort with his parents.This is quickly becoming a family tradition.Parents of Tronster drive up from their home in North Carolina, and Tronster and Sunshine drive down to meet them at the resort.

The Luray caverns entry building is well done. There is ample parking, and on a raining overcast day, we were able pick up our tickets and get in with a minimal wait time.Just like most places these days, there is a photographer who snaps a picture of your group before you go down into the Caverns.

The walk is about 1 mile total.   The walkway is in good repair and the even go around a few of the formations so you can get a close look.  The tour normally holds a group of abou…

Back from a Break.

Well, now that Sunshine and I have relocated I can get back to keeping this blog up to date. It has been a while (Almost an entire year) since I last posted and many things have changed. We have sponsored Sister of Sunshine, from a far off land and have welcomed her to our new home. Oh yes,  we have moved to a new home. Still in the Northern VA area, and only new to us.  Additional members of the family include Nickel  and Dime.   They are the new puppies. They are almost a year old as well.