Sunday, June 19, 2016

Back Yard Garden

Over the past few holidays, Sunshine and Tronster have recieved several gift cards for the local big box  hardware store.  Our family expansion has gone past the spare change and includes Nanay and sister of Sunshine.

  Nanay enjoys gardening and has been planting all around the yard.  In fear that Tronster may run the plants over with the lawnmower, a mission was conceived.
Utilizing the aforementioned gift cards, Sunshine and Tronster headed to the store.  We purchased the materials to make a raised garden.  Tronster considered wood.  However, the bricks were less expensive.
We purchased 18 blocks, 80 pounds of poop (manure), 4 bags of top soil, and a bag of peat moss.  This was a workout in and of itself.  Loading 18 blocks, unloading 18 blocks , positioning 18 blocks.  Then I turned the soil, which is actually clay and was very dry that day.  Several hours later and two Tylenol later, it was done, completed and ready to be planted.
Keep watching as we update the progress of the plants. 

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