Saturday, July 02, 2016

Pinoy Party

Tronster and Sunshine are always on the run. We visit with friends, family, and history every chance we get.  This Saturday is no different.

One of Sunshine's friends is celebrating her 65th birthday today.  Our family prepares as soon as we get up.  Lhet begins the day by making the puto and Sunshine goes to the gym for her Saturday morning Zumba. I take care of the dogs and drive to Costco to gas the car.

We load the car with Tronster, Sunshine, Nanay and Lhet. We have the puto and we are on our way. We had to make two stops before we arrive. Once to pick up a card for the birthday girl and one to pick up lotto tickets for Nanay. 

We can tell it is a Pinoy Party just by looking at all of the shoes in the entry. They are all different so you won't loose yours.

They Filipino friends are like family. They treat you well and I always feel welcome.

Thanks to the host for letting share in the celebration.

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