Saturday, August 27, 2016

Garden Update

Nanay has been working on hard on the garden.  She has planted several varieties of vegetables.  Every morning she rises, in the sun, rain, overcast what have you, to tend to this little piece of garden.  After the initial configuration, Transfer has had little to do with the garden except to watch it prosper. There will soon be fresh okra, string beans, tomatoes, bell peppers and the one she cannot remember what it is.  Initially it was difficult, to keep the spare change from revenging the small plants.  However, with the power of the garden hose, Nanay has prevailed.

We have also put up a small fence to prevent the urban wildlife from taking from the garden.  We shall see if it is effective.  We expect our first harvest to be mostly beans.  They are currently the only plants that are flowering.

Another experiment from was to plant a Mango Tree.  I did not know mango seeds were fairly large.  I also was unaware of the affection Nickel and Dime had for mange seeds.  They have unburied at least three seeds.  To me the seed looked like a piece of bark.  I have subsequently been instructed that was not the case.  So now when I watch the spare change, they are not permitted to eat the mango seeds.  

We are very excited to produce some vegetables of our labor.  

Keep checking back for further updates.

Juneau Alaska

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