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First NBA Game-Ever

It was a normal Friday at the office.  I was working diligently to complete my weekly reports.  The office was not full, but not empty.  It had been a week of set backs on several projects.  Having new employees start, other employees leave, and general busy work for this time of year.  As I was sitting trying to arrange orientation for the new guys,  I receive the dreaded communication alarm. (the phone rang).  Looking at the caller ID, i was fairly certain it was my Sunshine.  Always happy to speak with her, I picked up the phone and answered in a professional manner.  She comments on the answer routine, which takes a full 3 seconds to get out. Asking how my day is going, I respond it fine, just busy as always.  She then informs me we are not going home after work.  Well, okay, where are we going?  Her answer is the Wizards Game. I have never watched a complete basketball game in my life.  So this was a surprise.  She informed me of our seat location and the "tip off&qu