Sunday, March 05, 2017

First NBA Game-Ever

It was a normal Friday at the office.  I was working diligently to complete my weekly reports.  The office was not full, but not empty.  It had been a week of set backs on several projects.  Having new employees start, other employees leave, and general busy work for this time of year.  As I was sitting trying to arrange orientation for the new guys,  I receive the dreaded communication alarm. (the phone rang).  Looking at the caller ID, i was fairly certain it was my Sunshine.  Always happy to speak with her, I picked up the phone and answered in a professional manner.  She comments on the answer routine, which takes a full 3 seconds to get out.

Asking how my day is going, I respond it fine, just busy as always.  She then informs me we are not going home after work.  Well, okay, where are we going?  Her answer is the Wizards Game.

I have never watched a complete basketball game in my life.  So this was a surprise.  She informed me of our seat location and the "tip off" time.  I am excited.

Our adventure begins when I leave the office.  Three secure doors later, drop the new guy off to get his ID and off to the bus.  Just missed it.

I ride a bus to the Metro, reload the Metro Card and head out to the Verizon center.  Our luck is improving we get to the Verizon center at 5 PM.  Looking for a place to eat, we settle on McDonalds.


There was a Big Mac for that!!  I went with the Grand Mac.  In all honesty, it was "OK".  As I get older, I find the typical fast food places not all that good.  The medium meal cost me almost $10.  Regardless, I knew it was more economical than eating in the Verizon Center.

Bobblehead night is always a great night.  We were the first ones in through a particular entrance.  We then looked around for our seats.

Turns out, the seats were pretty good.

 From our vantage point we could see the court. and some of the players.

Like John Wall-He scored the most points while we were there.

Marcin Gortat-Signing autographs after warmups.

The game was very entertaining, as the Wizards took a quick lead.  However, the Raptors we quick and were able to move out in front.  I was surprised how quickly the Raptors were able to get a lead.  Once they had the lead, the Wizards could only get within two points.  The Raptors took the game.

Sunshine and I had a great time and I would recommend attending a game to anyone.  The team gave us certificates for our first game, the Verizon center was easy to get around, and when we left, the Metro was very close.

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