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Family, friends, countrymen,  We are facing one of the greatest challenges I have seen in my lifetime.  The Wuhan Coronavirus.  Tronster, as many of you, has been forced to change his methods.  One of those changes has been not going to the office.  However, it is not paid time off, it is TELEWORK. Why do we telework?  In my case, I generally do not telework unless there is a specific reason.  Right now, the reason is social distancing from my co-workers.  So of you may be thinking, thats great, I don't like those people anyway.  In the past, the only reason I would work from home, was to receive so great purchase I made online.  You know, the magical box from your favorite retailer.  Other not so fun reasons I have used is to get my vehicle state inspection or a dentist appointment. I wanted to go through some of the good things, bad things, and challenges I have faced with telework.   The Pros for me may not be the same for you, but you can mention them in the co