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Christmas Joy

 The end of the year is approaching. It has been a rough year for many of us.  COVID, lock downs and general tomfoolery all around. Sunshine and Tronster have been blessed. We have had the opportunity to visit with friends and family during the holiday season and keep ourselves safe from the COVID crisis. We know many people who suffered during this time and we pray for God to grant them some peace during this season  as we look forward to 2021 we also pray for a better year   Our Christmas here at Casa de Tronster was really good  my entire family was able to gather at my house. The Griswalls have nothing on us  we even had four dogs running around the house   Thanks fir stopping by my little blog,  more to come in the days ahead  

Great Falls with a touch of social distance

  During the times of social distancing, Sunshine and I try to visit outdoor places. This Sunday is no different. After our virtual church service and a little lunch. We headed over to a local national park. Great Falls is a great place to visit. There are several hiking trails and picnic areas. The visitors center is closed, but the bathrooms were open. With the rain of the past week, the water was moving fast. With the temps a little on the cool side it was not too crowded.  My family was in town and we have always enjoyed this park. There are parts of the old bypass canal to see, signs marking the flood stages and at least one wheelchair accessible ramp to an overlook.  This day we were in the Virginia side, but there is also a park in the Maryland side. Check it out sometime.