Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Automatic drip coffee


Coffee.  A warm beverage to enjoy anytime of the day. Especially first thing on a cool morning. My coffee will not meet the standards of many. I drink so much it is considered weak by my friends. What is lost in strength is regained through quantity. I drink about two pots a day. 

But this post is more about the machine than the drink. The automatic drip coffee machine with programmable start. Oh want an advancement in technology. There to make our lives easier. Just prepare the pot before going to bed and then when you wake up. You have a great cup ready to go. What could go wrong?  Let me share a couple of “gone wrongs” from my experience. Maybe you will get a laugh. (As I do when I look back) 

(1). The Residual Overflow:  this is a condition that happens more when I was not teleworking so much. You fail to finish off the pot before you leave for the day. Then the night before you fill reservoir with water, replace the filter, add tour grounds , then set it and forget it. You know the coffee will be there when you wake up. However, when you wake up, you find the pot is full. You also notice the countertop is covered with coffee and it’s dripping on the floor. I had neglected to pour the left over coffee out the day before. Now tour first cup is not so fresh and you have to clean up the mess. What a cruel way to spend the early moments out of bed. 

(2). The loss of power.  Some pots have battery backups for the clock. Mine does not. Waking up and seeing there is no coffee and it’s ready to go is also disappointing event. Recovery is just turn it on. And wait. Seems it takes much longer when the power has been out. 

(3). Premature Brewing. No one ever wants to admit they suffer from premature brewing but it happens. Own it. Two conditions can cause this event. The first, the coffee pot is unplugged fir a moment and then the clocks are not rest properly. The second happens when you are over zealous the night before and just turn it to brew instead of the programmed times. In either case, when you wake up in the morning you either have a cold pot or a pot that has not started yet. 

(4). Ingredients collection failure . In prepping the pot the night before, you get distracted and do not add water. Or forget the grounds. The next day you may have a hot pot of water or it is on with nothing to show for it. I have never checked this for forgetting to add something. I also say to myself when I see it “Dang the coffee pot has given up the ghost”. 

I must say, although I do not have the most expensive pot in the market. It is not the cheapest either. I have been very happy with its performance over the last 11 years. 

So before you go to bed tonight and you prepare for the events of the next day remember,  measure twice and cut once. Nobody likes an overflowing coffee pot, empty coffee pot or one filled with cold coffee. 

Have a great day. 

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