Saturday, January 23, 2021

Georgia on my mind

 Well, heading south for a much needed break, we drive into Georgia. Many times when we travel we go to get there. Not stopping to smell the flowers or check out the sites until we reach our destination. This road trip was different. We are sharing a time share ( get it?) and our host is a few hours behind. 

The South Carolina welcome center heading south is under construction. No doubt delayed by our current situation. However the Georgia welcome center was open for business. A few restrictions are in place, to protect everyone. So we practices the three “Ws” while in the building. Wear a mask, Wash tour hands, and watch your distance. 

The welcome center has a display of all the things you could see and do throughout Georgia. Apparently there are gators in Georgia. Who knew?  

Each of these displays showed different regions in the state to visit. Separating the areas allows a traveler to get information based on each of their destinations. Which is very convenient. 

The biggest sign was this one. We did not venture off coarse to visit the golden isles, however, we did notice that Savanah was not to far away. It was almost lunch time , so we took a detour to visit the historic town 

Keep reading a see what happens next. 

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