Friday, January 15, 2021

Get out of the House

 Well, teleworking and social distancing have really kept me in the house.  What is one to do?  I would normally have a daily adventure of commuting to work to break up my view of the house.  But now, just go from bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen, living room, kitchen abs kitchen. (The kitchen is where keep all the snacks.). 

The office is limited to 40-60% occupancy right now. So this past week I went in twice. It’s not as adventurous with so many people off the roads.   It was after work that Sunshine and I ventured out to a local hotspot for dinner with a few select friends. 

The MGM grand recently opened up in our area. Sunshine enjoys having her picture taken in the lobby with all of their decorations. Which are seasonal. In the past we have made it out there to check out Christmas, but now it’s just not Christmas. 

The lobby is set up with Chinese Fortune theme. At least that is what I would call it. Now, the short time Sunshine and I were there we took 68 photos with my phone, another 60 or so with here phone and at least 100 more with our friend’s.  I am only sharing these few. 

The foot traffic right now is tragic. Because of this COVID restriction, there are not as many people out and about. A silver lining is to take wide shots with no photo bombers, no so hard. 

The team at the MGM do a really good job.  So far each time we visit we have really admired the work  

In the end, we enjoyed a good dinner at Ginger restaurant.  Do to government guidance we had to eat in a tent.  Again, kudus to the staff, the tent was comfortable and heated  

I’m you have a chance to check it out, go sometime.  If you gamble there is a casino, the food can be pricey, but the service has always been top notch for Tronster  

Thanks again fir stopping by my corner of the Internet. 

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