Saturday, January 23, 2021

Got to eat

 Continuing on our road trip, stopping in various places to see what we can see, the Georgia welcome center is only about 30 min from historic Savanah. We did not have enough time to tour the city, however our goal was to find some good food. Well, there was one place my Sunshine had heard of and wanted to try. 

Paula Deans restaurant was open for businesses. The southern flair of her food was a good choice.

It is a “Family style” all you can eat  you choose between two or three main dishes and a number of side orders  the price depends on what he meal you pick  (number of main dishes)  we went the fried pork chops and meat loaf.  Currently there is no buffet  another key is you can not take left overs  so order and eat what you get  a small desert is included and you are able to take that on the road with ya.

Nobody likes to travel on an empty stomach  a full one is only slightly more enjoyable  you may find after a big meal you are ready for a nap  

We killed about an hour and a half in Savanah and it was time to get back on the road.  My parents still an hour or so behind, we ventured toward I95 to get back on track  


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