Saturday, January 23, 2021

Next Stop: Florida

 Our Journey continued down I95, which lead us directly to Florida. Still ahead of our hosts, we stopped at the Florida welcome center. You could imagine Disney was a big part. There were several area of the center with information for the world renowned park. Florida offers many different activities which are not related to Disney and you can get all that information here at the center. 

Sunshine and I have already laid out our trip, but it was good to look around.  Some other activities include visiting the First Coast, Space coast, and even Key West. Miami is a big draw, and other parts are good for fishing. If you like to golf, there is the world golf hall of fame. 

The day is getting long, and we are getting weary of the road. Additionally I just ate at Paula Dean’s and I think I could use a nap. Our first leg of the trip is almost over, we have one more side stop and then it is off to our timeshare. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading. 

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