Saturday, January 23, 2021

Road Trip Number 2

 Cabin fever and preplanning has set Tronster and his Sunshine on another road trip. This time we will be joining Mother of Tronster to celebrate her birthday. Flying is such a chore, and we have pets to deal with for any road trip. So we packed up the Explorer and hit the road. The next few posts will share the adventure. 

First welcome center to share, South Carolina. 

The South Carolina welcome center is currently under construction when you are heading south. Sunshine and I have a safe place to park,  and jumped over to the big sign. Using a selfie stick / tripod we got some pictures together  

Above you see the tripod did not handle the little breeze very well  we were able to get a couple of photos we could use, but I got three of the grass.  None the less and was fun setting it all up  even running back in forth from the tripod was entertaining  the Interstate was not crowded and we plenty of time to make the drive to our next stop  

I know the suspense is difficult to deal with, but if you keep reading you can see how we made it to our destination and any side trip we make take  

Have fun and we will see you next time  

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