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  Sharing Blessings Thanksgiving is a time we can reflect on our many blessings.  My wife and I are very blessed. We have maintained our jobs during the pandemic, and we have remained healthy.  Our families are doing well and we are happy.  We have had many blessings this past year and feel that one small thing we can do, is share in those blessings.  One of the great organizations we work with prepares boxing for a local Social Services.  Although we do not include the turkey in the box. (Could you imagine if they thawed out before delivery)  However, we do include a gift card to cover a turkey.  Our team assembles the boxes, and then we deliver them to the family need.  At least that is how we did it before the Pandemic.  Now, we deliver to the Social Services office and they deliver to the families.   This new method forced us to modify how we do things.  However, only slightly.   Sunshine and I have been involved with the organization that provides these thanksgiving "baskets&