Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Next Year: 2022

 This year will be different.

What to expect:

This year you should expect more from Tronster.  I will try to post more of what's going on in my life and provide some great insights on activities.

For starters, there should be more posts.  Here is the calendar book I am using this year.  I like the "See it bigger" books, because of the amount of space provided for each week.  

Not to mention, they have some designs that are not limited to women. (no offense to women, but when i use it at work, flowers are not the best)

Food Posts:

I tend to have to fend for myself.  This is one of the meals I made recently.  Grilled chicken wings, and mixed vegetables.  (Sunshine, made the vegetables).  My wife (also known as sunshine here on cooked the mixed vegetable, I just used the magic microwave to warm them up.

This year, your should see more posts about my diet.  I hope to keep it interesting, but who knows.  

I want to thank all of you for reading, and hope I can provide some entertainment this year.  

Final Thoughts:

COVID restrictions have put a damper on many aspects of life.  You would think I would have been posting day in and day out, but no not Tronster.  So, I will attempt to get this going again.  You may be able to tell, or you may not, that I tend to be on and off on this blog.  One of the reasons I have not converted to a more pay blog.  

Keep reading, and let us journey this year together through blogging.

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