Wednesday, February 16, 2022

A Warm Winter Day

 What can one do on a warm day at the End of Winter?

February Warmth:

Not something you typically associate with February, but a warm day has arrived.  The winter is tough on your yard if you are surrounded by trees.  Tronster's year tends to fill up with branches during the winter.  I mean lots of branches.  I took the warm day as an opportunity to start the clean up effort.  

I am preparing the sticks to be burned in my burn pit. (another post perhaps).  

I drag my guerrilla cart around the yard, breaking the sticks, trigs and branches into length to fit across the cart.  I then place the aforementioned stack next to the pit.  Eventually the plan is to burn them down.  I will have to squeeze that in between Sunshines busy calendar and other priorities for Tronster.  

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