Wednesday, February 02, 2022

The Jeepney

Welcome back to (pronounces Tronster dot net).  When Sunshine and I travel, we like to take in the sites, and experience local culture.  In the Philippines, that includes riding in a Jeepney. 

The Jeepney is a form of public transportation in the Philippines.  It is said to be the most popular form of public transportation.  While traveling to visit family in the Philippines, I was able to ride in a few of these wonders of transportation.  


Avery good article on the Jeepney can be found on Wikipedia:

5 thoughts on the Jeepney:

  1. Cost

The cost to ride a Jeepney is very economical.(can you say cheap)  However, do not hop on one of these mini-buses and expect to pay with a credit card.  I would also suggest you always keep some small denomination of the Peso with you.  The driver (and sometimes with an assistant) will provide you change.  

2.  You are all in this together

Jeepneys can get very crowded.  Based on the time of day.  If you have reservations about being close to someone you do not know.  Opt for a cab or other mode of transportation. Additionally, if you sit towards the front.  You will be expected to pass change and fairs between passengers and drivers. 

3. Routes

The routes for a Jeepney are painted on the side (most of the the time). First and last stop. Sometimes, there is a sign in the front window with the final stop for the route.  If you need to be dropped off before then, you will have to let the driver know.   If you are unfamiliar with the area you are traveling, especially in Manilla, this can be confusing.  I would suggest looking at a few maps.  Many of the drivers can assist with directions, but I would not rely on them understanding what you are asking.

4. The Ride

I am of average height.  The classic Jeepneys are not very tall.  When I sit in one, I cannot see out the window.  (if you want to call it that).  The head room clearance I have is very limited.  While riding in the Jeepney, I believe i hit my head several time going over slight blemishes (understatement) in the road.  

5. The Look

Jeepneys can be extravagantly decorated.  Even if you never ride one, you should definitely pay attention to the decorations.  I was amazed at the different looks of Jeepney.  Bible versus are common, but so are superheroes and pop culture. 

Final thoughts

The Jeepney as it is none today, could be facing significant issues or challenges, in the future.  They contribute a lot to the local traffic congestion, and they are not very planet friendly.  Also noted is their reliability problems.  You will find new e-jeepneys all over Manilla now, and they are not as cheap to ride.  The compete with Trikes and other forms of transportation in the Manilla metro area.  If you have the opportunity to visit the PI anytime in the next few years, take an opportunity to ride a Jeepney.  They may be gone before too long. 

Thank you for visiting  I hope you have been entertained.

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