Friday, May 06, 2022

Black Forest

I have always enjoyed Black Forest Ham.  Never really knew where it came from. Well, now i do. Its Germany.  The Black Forest is a large section of forest in Germany.  

Our hosts took us on a great little trip to a small town in the Black Forest, Triberg.  Famous for its falls, and history, we enjoyed a few hours observing the local town, trekking to the top of the falls and strolling through the museum.  

This Triberg falls, although a great tourist location just for the falls, used to be on oof the primmer winter sports locations.  Having Sledding, toboggan, eking and ice skating all in the same location every winter.  However, do to the climate change, there is not as much of this anymore. 

There were several interesting things to see, and do, but because of our tight timeline, we limited our selves to two (two and half) attractions.  If you are every here, you should check out all the small german town has to offer. 

First, we went  to the falls. Written in German, these are either the largest, or the longest, falls in Germany.  The view in the evening sun is spectacular.   At night, the light up the falls.  The family went to the top observation deck available, stopping at each point to take some photos.  In the past these falls were outfitted with two hydroelectric plants.  Producing enough energy to run the street lamps in the town.  Triberg was one of the first towns in Germany with electric street lamps.  This trek is not for the light hearted, there is a continuous upward grade as you walk up a well established path.  The first deck, appeared to me, to be handicap accessible.  However, beyond that i would think would be a great challenge.  Additionally, the temperature will drop a few degrees as you go higher up the falls.  It is a good walk, but you should be prepared.  

If you can stay until evening or dark, they provide lights.

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