Sunday, November 13, 2022

How to add a speech bubble to a photo on a Mac.

How I learned to add a speech bubble to Photos

I am constantly learning new things.  Which is a good way to keep your mind active. As I try to expand the audience of, I started researching different methods to accomplish some of the tasks I can see myself having to complete.  

A quick search of the internet, and I discovered you can add a speech bubble to Photos on you MAC with "Preview".  Who knew.  The directions I found were really dated.  However, they were basically the same, and I was able to try it out.  When prepping this post, I discovered this can be done inside "Photos".  Below is a quick guide on how you can accomplish the same thing.

Find the photo

Open your "Photos" app.  Mine is in the sidebar.  Choose you photo and click on edit.  I like to make a duplicate of the photo I will be working on, here's how:

To duplicate a photo in photo

          1. Open the Photo
          2. Right Click with a windows mouse
          3. Control click with a Mac Mouse
          4. Select "Duplicate 1 photo"

Open the Edit Menu

Get to the Markup menu

We will be getting to the "Mark-up" menu.  Select the three dots and the Mark up

This will open the menu for Mark Up.  I have seen this menu before when using screen capture on my iPhone, but never realized I could also use this on my Mac.

The image above I am pointing out the menu items.  To learn what each one of them does, it is best to play around in the image.  When I poke around on editing, I also make a duplicate copy of the image.  So as not to mess up my original. 

Here is the "Speech Bubble"

On the top left, you can see your choices for dropping shapes into the photo.  The speech bubble is on of your choices.  Select it and it will appear on your image.  

Thats it!!  So Simple.  Now you can  move the bubble around, you can move the tag end around.  Its great.  There are options to change the text color, the fill color.  The outline.  All from Photo.  

I was glad to discover this, and should have discovered it long ago.  Just never needed it.  Now that I am going big time, figured I would share what i learned. 

I appreciate your checking out my blog.  If you want to follow me through going big time, consider subscribing.  If subscribing isn't currently set up, when I figure it out, I will share. 

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