Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Step One - Get more Traffic

Searching the Internet

Moving more towards the Big Time, will need more traffic.  So how can you get more traffic?  I figure I can take advantage of current friends, long time friends, and family from Facebook.

I conducted a quick search for how to make a facebook page for your blog.  I came across a great post from  

This post was from 2019, and was little out dated, however, the concept was the same.

You must have a facebook account.

I do have a facebook account, but i did not want my Blog to be connected to my facebook.  This can cause issues later, as I may not have someone’s permission to use their image or likeness when i am trying to make money.  Or worse yet, when I started rolling in the big bucks, they will want their cut.  So to avoid any of that, I made a Fan Page. 

Pages in Facebook

If you go to facebook you can make a page.  One category for the page is a “Fan Page”.  Facebook has made it easy to switch between the accounts.  Even if you are on a mobile device.  Very important for me moving forward. 

It would appear there is a way to monetize your Fan Page. I will investigate that a little later.  Right now I am just on a mission to increase the traffic.

Added a couple posts.

To test the concept I have added a couple of my older posts from this year.  They seem to post pretty good on facebook.  It would also appear it posts it as Tronster.  Double win.  I then invited a couple of my friends to check it out.  

Adding the Facebook Fan Page link to Blogger. 

Here is a link to the Fan Page.  You should also see this to the right in  “Awesome Links”

Thank you for checking this out.  Please come back and follow Tronster.Net.  

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