Saturday, December 03, 2022

Air Fried Chicken

 Most of the time my warm Sunshine fixes me dinner.  I do the dishes.  It works.  I only wash them mind you, she is in charge of putting stuff away.  He organizational leaning and mine are not the same, therefore she is in charge of storage.  

On occasion, i am forced to fend for myself.  I wanted to share a quick recipe (I guess) for air fried drumsticks.  I should have prepared a video for this, however hindsight is always 20/20. 

Public Service Announcement:  All Air friers are different.  So, you may have to addict the settings on yours.

The Meat:

We are a Costco shopping family.  As such, we have large portions of meat in the freezer.  Today while Sunshine was out, i found some drumsticks.

The prep:

To prepare the meat for the fryer, I  started by a generous rub of Olive Oil.  Rubbing the meat with olive oil will allow the skin to get crispy.  Not to mention it adds a little flavor.  Next, I used Montreal Seasoning for poultry.  You can use any rub you like, but i put that stuff on everything. 

The meat is ready.  Now time for the Air Fryer.

The Fryer

Some folks do not believe in preheating their cooking apparatus.  I on the other hand am a big proponent of the pre-heat phase.  This allows the timing to be consistent as the fryer will already be at temperature.  In case you have to complete more than one batch.

For my fryer, I preheat to 400 degrees.

The cook time is 20 min.  With a turn at the halfway point.  The turn is also important to achieve   equal cooking and crisping through the meat.  

Warning:  Do not overload the air fryer.  It is important for the device to work properly that there is air flow.  So don’t cover the entire pan with meat.  

While the chicken is in the fryer, you can prepare your side dish.  I like stemmed vegetables.  And when i am fending for myself, i use the stream fresh packs.  They take anywhere from between 3 min to 5 min depending on the package and manufacturer.  This is another product that depends on your microwave and the side dish.  It is a quick way to get some vegetables in your diet.  

You may need to practice a bit with your own appliances, but i think i have figured this stuff out.  

Thank you for stopping bye and have a great day.

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