Sunday, January 22, 2023

Tronster’s 2023 Goals

 Every year about this this time, or earlier, folks tend to make "New Year's Resolutions".  I am not one of those people.  I like to set goals for the year.  I find that having goals aligns bette with my lifestyle than "resolutions".  I can see how they can be considered the same things in certain circles.  However, I believe the goal setting on an annual basis is a good way to meet longer term goals.  

I wanted to share my thoughts on Goal setting and offer some insight on how Tronster handles goals and achieves success.  (at least success in his own mind)

Five ways to achieve Goals

1. Write them Down!!

For crying out loud, write them down.  Don't expect to remember your goals all year long.  We all have lives, things we need to get done. Honey do lists.  Writing them down is a simple and surprising effective way to keep track of your goals.  

2. Make them achievable!!

When you are writing them down, be realistic.  If you want to win the lottery, that is a great goal, however, what are the chances?  One in a few million?  Think about where you are and where you want to be.  You can make it a stretch, for some goals.  But it should be a reachable goal.  (or is you are the type, resolution)

3. Make them measurable!!

What does Tronster mean?  Well, here is an example.  Your goal is to be a better person.  Great!!  How are you going to be a better person?  Volunteering more?  Then you can make your resolution "I will volunteer 50 hours this year for a charity."  See, you will be a better person and some charity will be graced with your presence for 50 hours.  

4. Be Accountable!!

Work with a friend, loved one, spouse, or the Internet.  Let someone know your goals and have them check on you every once in a while.  Sharing your goals (resolutions) will keep you accountable to your friends and family.  (or the internet, I hear some people are brutal on the Internet)

5. Keep Track of your progress!!

Keeping track of your progress will show progress and assist with motivation. Really it will.  I promise.  I have found throughout my days and years of life, keeping track has been one ways a can measure success (or sometimes failures).  Yes, you will see if you miss a goal.  But as you mark your goals off, you will feel accomplishment.  Which can lead to motivation to knock out the rest of the goals.  

Goals for Tronster

So in the spirit of all I have said before, here are some of the goals Tronster has set for this blog.

1. Post at least 12 episodes of the VLOG. (you can see my first 3 already)
2. Post at least 48 times this year.  Look at my history, you see sometimes a make it sometimes I don't.
3. Finish the April A to Z Challenge 
4. Increase the traffic by 50% to Tronster
5. Revamp the page and move off of Blogger/Google platform

As always, thank you for visiting my slice of the Internet.  I hope you will visit again, to check on my progress.  Feel free to share how you plan on accomplishing your resolutions this year.

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