Monday, May 08, 2023

Best Plans Ever

Planning and Executing 

One of my senior leaders at work is a former Army commander. He always says “All battle plans are great until first contact”.  I have found this to be true at work, and in life.  How do I explain this phenomena?  

I can provide a real life example, as something some of you might have experienced yourself.  A recent Saturday in my life included, hanging out with some buddies, and (get this) cutting the yard.  Yes, I realized this is a lofty goal for a single day, but I really did not want to work on both of weekend days.   With spring upon us, and the light of day sticking around longer, I figured it could be done.  

The plan.

Tronster and his buddies planned on spending the day together and attending an event.  Living in the DC metro area, none of us are “neighbors” in the traditional sense.  We live about an hour and half away from each other.  The event was located in a city about 40 miles from casa de Tronster.  Sunshine, wife of Tronster, had not made any plans.  So I was free to hang out.  Being an early riser, we all met around 8:30 am.  This forced me to rise early, not really a big deal, and drive to buddy number 2’s house.  We spent the day together, had lunch, caught up on a few things and checked out manly stuff.  

Afterwards, I (without informing Sunshine) had planned on cutting the yard.  So I got home, got into my yard cutting apparatus, fueled up old reliable, and starting mowing the yard.  (This is now about 5:30 pm)

First Contact

I finish the front yard.  I begin to prepare for the back yard.  I take 5 minute breather and have some water. (Hydration is an important part of life). I re-don my safety gear, and I about to pull the string on the lawnmower, when Sunshine has an announcement.

Sunshine calls me to the door.  “I have a ticket to the Janet Jackson concert”.  My initial reply, “Great, do I have to go?”  I was not prepared for the next part at all.  “No, but I need you to drop me off”. 

Well, um, I am in the middle of something.  However, I love Sunshine, and said, ok.  (Guys who love their wives, they know what I’m doing here, happy wife = happy life”.  They Venus is less than ten miles from the homestead.  However, it’s on a two lane road.  

Change of plans

In life you must be flexible.  I checked my watch, there is a slim chance I can drop off Sunshine, return to the homestead and knock out the back yard before it gets to dark.  We high tail it down the road.  The first few miles it was looking promising.  The GPS with (reportedly) live traffic indicated we would be there in time for Sunshine to catch the show with her friends.  As we get closer the arrival time creeps later and later.  Then we hit traffic.  We have reached this point in our journey after about 20 - 25 minutes.  We got less than two miles to go.  We are at a standstill.  The next 30 minutes we moved 4 car lengths.  OMG.  As I watch the clock, and see the daylight begins to fade, I’m wondering, I hope it won’t rain so I can finish the yard work.  

It’s a bust

We creep forward another couple of car lengths, and Sunshine made the decision to return to base.  Well, now the day is almost over, and I will have work in the yard tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the support, and hope you have enjoyed my little story.

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