Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Where the Rhine begins


The Rhine River

The Rhine river runs throughout Europe through several countries.  During our trip, we were able to stop off at the beginning.  At least that is what our tour guide said.  These are the Rhine Falls.  A great place to visit and spend a couple of Swiss Francs.  The River is about 760 miles long and goes through Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands (and three other countries).  I have read it is the longest river in Germany.  I myself have seen it in several German cities on my travels.  

As our tour bus pulled into the parking area, the quick pace of our tour allowed for a 30 minute visit.  Turns out this is a great amount of time.  We were able to see the falls, walk around a little, grab a quick bite and and take a few pictures.  Have no fear, I will add a few more photos in the coming days.   I am a nature person, but when the crowds are present, the quick stop was just the right amount of time.  

In all my adventures, I have visited a few famous falls.  Niagara Falls , Great Falls and Black Forest to name a couple.  Check out those posts if you have a minute.  

As I work to produce additional updates for the site, keep coming back.  I really appreciate the feedback.  There will be more posts from our recent adventure.  This will include some reviews of the products Sunshine and I used, information from the tour company we used.  The different hotels we stayed in, and the overall value from our investment in our vacation.  

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