Friday, August 25, 2023

3 things to do for a Trip

1. Cut the grass.

If you live within a neighborhood with a Home Owners Association, the this may be the most important pre-trip activity. Okay, not exactly true. However, to avoid any hate mail from the local volunteer or the professional management company, you should cut the yard where it will remain in compliance until your return.  This may require you to lower the deck. Or my case, run the mower over the yard twice

2  Hold the Mail!!!

Another pre-trip activity should be to hold the mail. This does a couple of things. It does not give away to a casual observer you are not home. A small bit of extra security. Also, I have found the post office will not deliver all the junk mail I receive when I travel. Bonus! 

The post office has made it so easy  to hold the mail. Go to their website, click on services and have them hold your mail. You will have verify your address is “eligible” , which I suspect covers most people. You can select to have it delivered or make arrangements to pick it up at your local postal office. 

3. Pack Appropriately 

Check the wether and get your stuff ready. Think about your activities. Make sure you a little bit extra. The way airlines are charging now, don’t be afraid to use something more than once. There are some items are 1 time only. 

Well, stay tuned. Look for more advice ,  or comment below on additional steps. 

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