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NCL Sun and Alaska Cruise

Turning 50

That's right folks, your host has turned the corner on life and is now 50 years of age.  For s special treat, Sunshine decided to take me on a cruise.  What a great surprise.  I may also suggest this for anyone who wants to celebrate a special day, the cruise lines work very hard, and this was no exception.

Our Cruise

Alaska has always been on my bucket list.  Which now I can safely mark off the list.  Sunshine, along with 4 other couples, picked a 10 day cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines.   This is a cruise line we have used before, and we like them.  In all fairness, we have only been on. two cruise lines.  So far, NCL is our favorite.  

There are several itineraries to choose from, ours started in Seattle

  1. Seattle Washington
  2. At Sea
  3. Juneau Alaska
  4. Skagway Alaska
  5. Hubbard Glacier Alaska (At Sea)
  6. Sitka Alaska
  7. Icy Straight Point, Alaska
  8. Ketchikan Alaska
  9. At Sea
  10. Victoria British Columbia (Canada)
  11. Seattle Washington

The Ship

Pictured above is the NCL Sun.  A smaller, slightly older ship, with all the comforts of a hotel and resort.  Minus some of the fancy water park amenities.  But we are in Alaska, so who wants to ride a water slide?  The Norwegian Sun has 14 dining options, 12 bars, a casino, basketball court, fitness center, spa and much more to entertain.  They have a smaller crew of just over 900, and can accommodate right around 1900 guests.  I don't think the cruise was full for our journey, but I honestly do not know.  

The Cruise

Here is where I will be a little vague, on purpose.  Why?  I want to post more details in the near future about the different stops and activities.  Needless to say there are several different things you can do, to enjoy a shipboard day, a day at port, or a birthday celebration.  

Thank you for stopping by, and come back to see more. 

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Juneau Alaska

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