Friday, August 04, 2023

WTF: Well that's fantastic!!


The Situation

I try to maintain this site with some consistency.  Let's facing, writing a full post here, takes a little longer than writing a quick post on FACEBOOK.  I spent a few days researching if it was possible to link the two, fairly easily.  

What Happened?

You see there are a few posts on the page that are blank.  BLANK.  That's like listening to the radio and hearing nothing.  Dead Air!  It turns out, the links or whatever, have been removed.  I am not a computer programing.  So I am not sure what exactly happened.  But I have no fear.  I will continue to post here and just link to the Facebook Fan Page.  At least that still seems to work. 

Special Thank you!!

I want to thank each of you visiting the site, and let you know, I am aware I am breaking the rules of a successful blog.  (Or if you were to search, How to make money blogging).  I do not have a niche, just a diary.  I hope she find it entertaining and resourceful.  

I want to thank you all for stopping by, and say, come back when you can.  Click follow.  


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