Sunday, October 01, 2023

Ketchikan Alaska


Port Call

The port call in Ketchikan Alaska allowed Tronster and Sunshine to explore another city in the last frontier.  Ketchikan Alaska.  This little fishing village has a lot to offer.  Even if you do not visit the Misty Fjord National Monument or the Totem Bright State Historic Site.  Our landing party went for a walk through the town.  Although our ship was docked about 5 miles from the center, the bus provided by the cruise line was comfortable and entertaining.  The bus drivers tend to provide commentary from the pier to the city.

Historic Creek Street

This little board walk has many restored buildings.  Here you will find several local shops, with nick nacks and souvenirs.  This was the location of some businesses from the gold rush, that were, shall we say, of ill repute.  

Get Something to eat!

There are some great eateries in the town.  We decided on the little place seen in the video.  I had fish tacos, while Sunshine enjoyed a little crab.  

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