Sunday, November 19, 2023

How to fix a squeaky door hinge

VLOG EP32 - Squeaky Door Hinge

This is how I fixed a squeaky door hinge.  Below is additional information, and the basic steps.   As an amazon affiliate, I make a small commission on any of the links you may follow from the site.  So click away.

My R10 Camera -
The Little tool box step :

The Learning Process

I am no great videographer, barely a good spokes person, however, I enjoyed making this video and learning about my equipment.  The video was edited in the iMovie app, using storyboard.  The camera I used for this worked great.  

Basic steps to fix a squeaky door:

1. Get some oil.  It is said WD-40 is not good for this type of work.  
2. Remove the pin from the hinge
3. Clean the pin
4. Apply some oil to the pin
5. Replace the pin

I hope you find this little video helpful.  If you are not a Rumble person, you can always sign up.  Here is a link.

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