Saturday, November 18, 2023

Taking advantage of Happy Hour

 Happy Hour

Welcome back to the best variety blog on the Internet.  Todays nugget includes how Tronster and Sunshine (my smoking hot wife) enjoy a meal of appetizers to save a couple of bucks.  You see, most restraints have  bars in them now,  I am guessing because most of the population likes to drink.  I do not, but to each their own,  

I’ve mentioned before, many of our friends are not close, Sunshine and I both work several miles from home, and therefore get home right around dinner time,  Occasionally we have a reason to stay in our area of “work” operations.  This evening was one of those occasions.  We decided we would take advantage of the eateries in the area and meet up with a couple of friends, 

The Location:

Always ready to take our money, the Springfield Toens center is welcoming and full of different places to enjoy a quick meal.  It was a gorgeous evening, and we were not in a rush.

Our decision was the 54 Restaurant .  The town center was very busy.  The full fall colors of the trees are a easy on the eyes as we approach.

The Meal:


The Chicken Wings, as seen above, are delicious.  Crispy with Korean BBQ style.  There are not to spicy, and I was able to share them with my wife and only make a little mess.  In background, you can see the pay favorite part.


The Bulgogi waffle fries.  When I say, “OMG these things are the bomb”  I mean it.  Holy moly, they were off the chain.  The fries were crispy, the bulgogi had flavor, and the mix was just right.  Just like any other cheese, meat and jalapeño covered meal, you must eat it while it is hot.  Otherwise the friend will get soft.

The Conclusion:

Happy hour apps are normally 1/2 price.  You can stop at any restraint/bar and get a taste of their menus to see you want try out the full menu sometime.  Sunshine and i went very early for the dinner crowd.  All the food was freshly prepared and did not take very long.  The staff was very friendly and attended to our needs.  

Thank you again for checking out my little slice of the internet.

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