Tronster's Bio

 I am a Navy Brat, Navy Vet, world wonderer, fisherman, and Social Butterfly In Law.  I am married and we have no off spring to spoil, so we take care of each other.  Throughout the years, I have been placing personal thoughts and adventures on this Blog, sharing them with the world, and with friends.  When it all started it was an easy way to update many people at the same time.  

I find blogging better than physically writing stuff down.  It is also an opportunity to practice writing and adulting.   Two areas I am known to struggle.  The grammar police would indicate I have earned several of my citations.  Practice makes perfect, so I will continue to updates

As you flip through different stories, leave comments and links to your blog.  Then I will have something read and possibly get inspired.  If you are inspired, let me know.  If you are offended, you can remain silent. If you have a better idea, I will take it under advisement.  

The goal here at is to bring some interesting, fun, learning, or inspirational thoughts to the world.  

Juneau Alaska

  Cruise day 3